How to increase paid search conversions with personalization

PlaybooksBy Camila Shiratsubaki, Yasmin Gonçalves and Francine Nogueira

Brands are constantly innovating to engage their audience in today’s ever-growing digital landscape. From influencer collaborations to paid search campaigns, businesses explore diverse strategies to convey their message.

Yet, the end-user often feels lost and can’t find what they’re looking for amidst so much online noise.

Creating consistent, resonant communication across all channels is the only way to navigate this and stand out among the competition. Customers need to feel they can trust your brand and understand which problems you can help them solve. That is why you should always cut through the clutter to create a seamless experience for them.

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Two different audiences having two different personalized onboarding experiences

How to create personalized website experiences for paid search campaigns

Personalization is a powerful tool that can help brands maintain a consistent message while tailoring their marketing efforts to their specific audience. That's why it's an essential part of search ad campaigns.

By tracking user interactions within your ads, you can gain insights into your customers' interests and preferences and use this information to create a more meaningful and impactful user experience on your website.

A good way of doing that is dynamically changing the landing page copy and images to match specific search terms.

Follow these steps to learn how to do it using Croct’s personalization engine:

First, access your Workspace, then click Experiences and New.

Now, we'll show you how to segment users based on specific campaign attributes to create a new audience, select the slot where you want to deliver this communication, and the content you’ll display to users coming from a specific campaign.


Click on New audience and enter a CQL expression that matches the target audience. You can use our campaign variable to segment your traffic. Here are some examples of segmentation criteria:

  • campaign's source is "google"
  • campaign's term matches "some search term"
  • campaign's term matches "some search term" and campaign's source is "google"
Screenshot of Croct's admin. A breadcrumb defines steps for creating an experience. A side drawer shows a form for defining audience name, ID, and criteria.
How to create an audience

Slot and content

Slots are any personalizable elements of your application.

Three wireframes highliting hero section, product card, and subscription plan card slots you can personalize.
Hero section, product card, and subscription plan card slot examples

Some popular choices are the hero section, product cards, and subscription plan cards. Still, you can also personalize any page section to include targeted information.

Screenshot of Croct's admin. A breadcrumb defines steps for creating an experience. A search filter tab allows you to select the slot you want to personalize.
How to select a slot

Select the slot you want to personalize, and finally, click on Content to specify elements such as images, copies, and button colors you want your audience to view. Be creative, and don’t forget to match the offer you’ve shown users on your ads.

Screenshot of Croct's admin. A breadcrumb defines steps for creating an experience. A side drawer shows a content form for images, copies, and colours of the personalized content
How to select personalized content

Extra options

After creating an audience of users who viewed your ads, and defining both the Slot you want to personalize and the content you want those users to view, everything is almost up and running!

You can also prioritize this experience over others, choose a different time zone, and schedule its start to whenever you prefer.

Screenshot of Croct's admin with buttons with options of scheduling, prioritizing, and choosing a time zone for a personalized experience.
You can schedule, prioritize, and choose a time zone for experiences

Next, publish your experience or go to the preview to see the magic happen!

Wrapping up

Creating personalized communication on your website is a great strategy to grab the user’s attention, generating more engagement, and increasing conversions.

You can track marketing campaigns to ensure messaging consistency. Additionally, you can personalize your website based on organic searches or draw inspiration from some of our e-commerce personalization examples.

Here are some extra reads to help you tailor your messaging:

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