How to create multiple landing pages faster

PersonalizationBy Mariana Bonanomi

Universities usually run ads to capture leads for their various courses. These courses include multiple fields of study, like programs related to finance or administration, for example. These fields are typically categorized into different ad groups such that each ad group leads to a specific landing page. In these cases, it is necessary to create different landing pages for each field of interest, so if there are more than 30 fields, you must generate more than 30 landing pages.

For example, think of a student interested in learning about Financial Analysis. When he finds the Business Administration course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Google and hits their site, the landing page could be specifically personalized for showing him their best options on Financial Analysis.

If they were interested in Human Resources, though, the landing page could be basically the same, as the graduation course would be the same, but the experience would be tailored to meet each students’ interests in specific study fields. Still, some parts would differ according to the content of each ad, as each ad targets a different audience with different interests and that therefore searches for different things on Google.

When the UX team decides to change the menu color because of branding changes, for example, or when the CRO team decides to test which layout converts the most, it would be necessary to change all landing pages and create a test on each one.

This makes day-to-day work harder because it brings extra and unscalable activities.

Why static content may be holding you off

The circumstance explained above happens when you have static content on your landing page. A static landing page has the same headline, image, text, and phone number for every person who sees your ads.

Even if there are different ads for each audience, it doesn't matter which one led you to the landing page – the content would be the same. That means if you want to target a variety of different personas, you would need to create a different URL for each one.

Why you should rely on dynamic content instead

One way around this is to use dynamic content on your landing pages, which means you can change specific parts of it depending on your target audience without having to change the parts that are the same for every audience. That also means you can have as many different versions of the same page as you need in the same URL.

Example of a landing page with some static (grey) and dynamic (colorful) content
Example of a landing page with some static (grey) and dynamic (colorful) content

This way, it gets easier to show different messaging to different users based on their behavior, demographics, and so forth. It provides your prospects with content related to what they are looking for, thereby increasing conversion rates. After all, sometimes you only need to adjust the headline and copy to make it relevant to your target audience. Plus, you’ll stop hitting the IT roadblocks for frequent maintenance as you don't rely on developers for every little change. It is possible, for instance, to change the price of a product only once, and it gets equally updated for all audiences in all versions of the same landing page.

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Multiple landing pages in the same URL.

Wrapping up

Using dynamic landing pages improves your results. It adapts to reflect an audience's specific needs so you can offer personalized content that boosts conversion.

In cases where you need a different version of the same content for each audience, it's much easier managing it all in one place, in a more organized way. Even better when you can easily AB test the personalized content to determine which version works best. Optimizing the performance of ads and pages becomes much more agile and autonomous with these possibilities, leading to faster work and scalability.

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