How to personalize your site to match organic search intent

PlaybooksBy Mariana Bonanomi and Yasmin Gonçalves

Personalization in organic search is a powerful strategy for enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. Through effective audience segmentation and tailored communication, you can drive engagement, build lasting relationships, and ultimately achieve your business goals.

While you can’t have access to users’ search terms at an individual level, you are still able to assess what took them to find your brand by identifying which page they landed on. The next step is to leverage this data by using dynamic content to personalize their journey ahead.

Putting that into practice is easy with Croct, and we’ll teach you how to do it in a few easy steps in the next sections of this post.

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A image showing audiences for onboarding

How to create your personalized experience

To create a new experience, the first step is to go to your Workspace in your Croct Admin. Next, click Experiences and then New. Now, we'll show you how to segment users based on their session’s landing page, select the part of your site you want to personalize, and define the content you’ll display.


Screenshot of Croct's admin. A breadcrumb defines steps for creating an experience. A side drawer shows a form for defining audience name, ID, and criteria.
How to create an audience within an experience in Croct's PMS

To segment users, click on New audience and enter a CQL expression that matches the target audience.

Here's an example of segments based on the session's landing page:

  • session's landingPage matches ~/web-personalization|ab-testing/ or session's landingPage is ''

Slot and content

Slots are any personalizable elements of your application.

Three wireframes highliting home banner and top bar website slots you can personalize.
Home banner and announcement bar slots examples

Some popular choices are the announcement bar, the landing page hero, and the home banner. Still, you can also personalize any page section to include targeted information.

Screenshot of Croct's admin. A breadcrumb defines steps for creating an experience. A drop-down menu displays options of slots you can personalize.
How to select a slot in an experience within Croct's PMS

Select the slot you want to personalize, and finally, click on Content to specify elements such as images, copies, and button colors you want your audience to view. Be creative!

Screenshot of Croct's admin. A breadcrumb defines steps for creating an experience. A side drawer shows a content form for images, copies, and colors of the personalized content
Croct's content form makes it easy to define which personalized elements to display

Extra options

After defining the audience, the slot you want to personalize, and the content, everything is almost up and running!

You can also prioritize this experience over others, choose a different time zone, and schedule its start to whenever you prefer.

Screenshot of Croct's admin with buttons with options of scheduling, prioritizing, and choosing a time zone for a personalized experience.
You can schedule, prioritize, and choose a time zone for experiences

Next, publish your experience or go to the preview to see the magic happen!

That’s a wrap

Using personalization is key to cutting through the clutter and optimizing your organic search efforts. By segmenting your audience and tailoring content, you can build lasting relationships. We hope this guide has made it clear how easy our platform makes this process and helped you bring good outcomes to your business.

If you want to explore more personalization strategies, here’s some further reading for you to dive into:

If you still haven’t created your free account, sign up today and start revolutionizing your customers’ journeys. Happy personalization!

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