Google Campus meet-up: sharing personalization insights

NewsBy Mariana Bonanomi and Catherine Meira

On September 19, 2023, Croct hosted the Experimentation and personalization meet-up with CRO Community Brazil on Google Campus São Paulo. Our clients Daniel Costa (Zapay), Bruna Bazan (Sem Parar), and Felipe Bernardo (CARE Natural Beauty) shared their website optimization experiences. They highlighted how Croct helped them raise revenue with content tailored to meet consumers' needs.

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By tailoring messages, products, and pages to meet individual preferences, these companies have created engaging browsing experiences that foster customer loyalty. Personalization is not just about addressing users by name or recommending products based on their purchase history. It's about going beyond transactional relationships and making consumers feel they are connected to your brand.

Zapay's strategy to build trust

Zapay is a govtech company that facilitates payments of vehicle debts. While various sectors of the economy, such as finance, retail, and healthcare had already been transformed by new technologies and a customer-centric approach, the payment of fees and taxes remained essentially the same in Brazil. However, Zapay stepped in as an alternative for change.

Each Brazilian state has a different calendar for paying taxes, and people from each specific region have their own habits for doing it more or less close to due dates. That's why tailoring communication to match users' locations helped consumers feel closer to the brand and positioned Zapay as a go-to for paying those debts.

Zapay shows each audience a different version from the same list containing only the due dates from each one's specific state. They also use this segmentation to provide information about traffic rules from different regions, and display offers adapted to local characteristics on their home page. Keeping the message consistent also boosted market share, word-of-mouth, and improved a user-centric growth loop.

Three color circle with Zapay's logo in the center. Each color represents one stage of a growth loop.
Zapay's growth loop

Before that, the website would bring information about billing dates for all states in the same list, making it too extensive and unintuitive.

As for short-term metrics, implementing website personalization brought 27% more transactions, an increase of 2,70% in conversion rates, and R$200k TPV.

Daniel Rivelino, Growth Product Manager at Zapay, advises marketers to align budget request argumentation with company core values. For example, if a company claims to be data-driven but avoids AB tests, emphasize that decisions based on assumptions contradict their principles.

Raising client loyalty with CARE Natural Beauty

CARE Natural Beauty stands out in the clean beauty market through its steadfast dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. The brand prioritizes eco-friendly ingredients, minimal-impact packaging, and refill options. It prominently features these differentiators in marketing campaigns across various channels. However, with the beauty market becoming increasingly competitive each year, the brand faced the challenge of more effectively communicating its offers, especially to diverse audiences visiting its website.

Felipe Bernardo, Head of E-commerce Growth at CARE Natural Beauty, realized that users who had already bought products from the brand were much easier to convert into new sales than those who had not. His strategy was using website personalization to display only for customers banners about refill options and subscription programs. They would also promote member-get-member programs, but only for people who had actually bought from the brand, enjoyed using their cosmetics, and wanted to recommend them to friends.

This way, they built a trustworthy community of customers who love their products without affecting new visitors' experiences on their website. Before that, some users would visualize benefits they weren’t eligible to take advantage of and end up frustrated. That’s why, instead of that, they would show new users first purchase discounts and other exclusive offers.

Three different versions of the same home banner, each showing a different cosmetic offer.
Default home banners
Three different versions of the same home banner, one displaying copy about a member-get-member program, other about subscription program, and other offering refils fror cosmetics.
Personalized home banners

Using Croct to segment clients from non-clients brought CARE Natural Beauty a 34.5% rise in conversions and 97% ARPU. Displaying different versions of website content based on users' browsing journey increased revenue and brand loyalty. It helped the company build a closer community and spread their mission of sustainable beauty.

To learn more about CARE's results, check out our entire case study here.

How Sem Parar gained autonomy to personalize content

Sem Parar is a Brazilian Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system found at the main toll booth sites in the country, shopping mall parking garages, airports, gas stations, and even drive-thru restaurants.

Bruna Bazan, Senior Designer at Sem Parar, also shared her experience using client vs. non-client and location segmentations to personalize their website.

While new website visitors wanted to find the exact offers they saw in ads, some clients were not aware of the extra services and benefits the company provided. Offering great deals to new users would upset existing clients, but personalizing the home banner copy and image made it possible to show it to new users only. As a result, the negative impact on existing clients was zero.

Sem Parar also used tailored messaging by location to create a unique user experience. They used regional vocabulary to foster a sense of identification and resonance among users and promote their AVI tag for different personas.

Sem Parar banner
Sem Parar personalized banner

Croct empowered Sem Parar to make website elements natively dynamic. The marketing team gained the autonomy to craft personalized content within the framework of established design and development guidelines.

This innovative content management approach streamlined their workflow, fostering improved integration and collaboration among marketing, design, and development teams. In the past, the paid media team would concentrate on one campaign while the website content team focused on another, creating silos between these areas. Efforts to establish consistent communication across channels dismantled these silos, contributing to a strengthened company positioning and enhanced results.

The personalization strategy brought Sem Parar 74% more transactions in the first month.

If you want to learn more about Sem Parar strategies, check out our entire case study here.

Wrapping up

Website personalization is highly recommended to set you apart from the competition. Many results can be seen in less than a month — primarily when allied with AB testing. Zapay, CARE Natural Beauty, and Sem Parar perceived a significant increase in income, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction by using Croct to analyze their users' data and implementing personalized messaging based on this information.

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