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Image with purple background containing Croct's logo, a test tube emoji and text that reads "How do you talk your boss into AB testing?"

Did you ever have your boss push you back on AB testing? This article will give you all the arguments you need to show why this is a must for any data-driven marketing approach these days!

Google Campus Meet up blog cover with our clients' portraits and logos

Our customers have optimized conversion rates through personalization. Learn how they used client vs. non-client and location segmentations to build trust and foster consumer loyalty.

Image with dark background containing both Croct's and VWO's logos.

Croct and VWO are two robust AB testing with personalization platforms. But which one best suits your need? Read our comparative and find out what makes these platforms unique.

Image containing a circle representing the CRO cycle stages: analysis, ideation, implementation, testing, and checking results.

Many CRO teams perform AB tests daily. Some professionals learn extra tech skills to become autonomous and code their own experiments. But wearing too many hats shouldn't be the industry standard.

Newspaper with Google Optimize's logo, a speaker and text that reads "Google Optimize sunset"

Google Optimize sunset presents an opportunity to unlock a whole new level of personalization. Say goodbye to generic user experiences and hello to a world of advanced segmentation possibilities.

Two wireframes representing different versions of the same website, one in purple, with the letter A on top, and one in green with the letter B on top.

AB testing the content on your website allows for data-driven decision-making and improves user experience. Ready to start taking advantage of it? Start now by reading our guide.

An image with a purple background containing a woman holding a cellphone and surrounded by a money and a performance graph emoji.

Not personalizing the communication with users harms their experience, and also creates an opportunity cost. Read this blog post and find out how to measure it.

Image with dark background containing both Croct's and HubSpost's logos.

We compared HubSpot CMS Hub with Croct to discuss the differences and similarities between both platforms so you can decide what CMS you should use. Read on to find out which one best suits you.

Image with dark background containing both Croct's and Google Optimize's logos.

Google Optimize is a reliable AB testing platform, but it falls short when you need an advanced solution. In this post, we analyzed the two platforms, exploring features to help you choose better.

An image showing three different wireframes representing the default and the two personalized versions of the same page.

Besides providing unique experiences to users, a personalized website gives you flexibility and agility to not depend entirely on developers. With PMS, personalization is easy and intuitive. Read in this post how to use it to implement and manage dynamic content on your website.

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