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Image with white background containing Croct's logo, a book emoji and text that reads "How +A Educação increased lead generation for 20 blogs"

+A Educação optimized lead generation and revolutionized its content strategy by merging 20 blogs into one. Discover how website personalization made it possible.

Google Campus Meet up blog cover with our clients' portraits and logos

Our customers have optimized conversion rates through personalization. Learn how they used client vs. non-client and location segmentations to build trust and foster consumer loyalty.

Image with purple background containing Croct's logo, Anna Ambrozevich's portrait and text that reads "Personalization Talks by Anna Ambrozevich"

In this discussion, our founder Juliana Amorim illuminated the funds that can be wasted without testing, the importance of embedding personalization into the natural user experience, and much more.

Two anonymous users and a cookie behind a red cross mark

The end of third-party cookies concerns marketers who rely on them to personalize ads and websites. This post will help you navigate these changes and handle data more safely.

Image containing a wireframe with dark background representing a few lines of code, and a computer monitor with an exit pop-up on the screen.

Exit pop ups can irritate users sometimes. On the other hand, creating segmented rules for triggering them can help increase the time users spend on your page. Read on to find out how to do it.

On one side of a person's head avatar there is the letter A and, on the other side, the letter B, representing an AB test.

Product positioning refers to how your product differs from others. What problems does it solve? Why is it better than the competition? This post helps you understand how to work with positioning testing and how to validate your hypothesis.

The world map with two different pins representing users' locations in two different countries, each by the side of a website wireframe with a specific landscape.

Location-based personalization helps you communicate effectively with customers from specific countries, states, and cities without affecting other regions. Read on and learn how to use this strategy.

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Learn practical tactics our customers use to grow by 20% or more.