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Image with dark background containing Croct's logo, a cloud emoji and text that reads "Headless vs web CMS: unmasking the pros and cons"

Both headless CMS and web CMS can help you manage and structure content easily. But how to know which type is your best option? This article will give you the pros and cons of each option.

Image with dark background containing both Croct's and VWO's logos.

Croct and VWO are two robust AB testing with personalization platforms. But which one best suits your need? Read our comparative and find out what makes these platforms unique.

A webpage wireframe with a tag and a code symbol icon.

If you manually manage multiple tags on your websites or apps, you are wasting time. Find out how a tag manager can simplify this process and provide more accurate data. This article explains everything you need to know to save time and resources.

Newspaper with Google Optimize's logo, a speaker and text that reads "Google Optimize sunset"

Google Optimize sunset presents an opportunity to unlock a whole new level of personalization. Say goodbye to generic user experiences and hello to a world of advanced segmentation possibilities.

Image with dark background containing both Croct's and HubSpost's logos.

We compared HubSpot CMS Hub with Croct to discuss the differences and similarities between both platforms so you can decide what CMS you should use. Read on to find out which one best suits you.

Image with dark background containing both Croct's and Google Optimize's logos.

Google Optimize is a reliable AB testing platform, but it falls short when you need an advanced solution. In this post, we analyzed the two platforms, exploring features to help you choose better.

A notebook connecting to Netflix surrounded by an arrow indicating the increase in CRO and a push notification, one of the company's CRO triggers

From a movie rental office to a leading entertainment platform, Netflix has used CRO tactics to improve retention rate and user experience. In this post, we analyzed these growth strategies.

Spotify player between 4 listener icons and a graph next to the share button representing the CRO.

Since its creation, the Spotify team has been drawing growth strategies that brought them millions of users. Read on to check our analysis on 8 CRO triggers used by this giant of audio streamings.

A computer and a smartphone representing the different devices from which a web page can be accessed and the React logo in front of a few lines of code.

Today, marketers need to test hypotheses and tailor communication for each audience. On the other hand, designers need a design system that ensures nobody will break their design. A headless CMS suits them well.

A chart with three almost completely filled bars highlighted with up arrows indicating high priority and a second chart with three poorly filled bars with down arrows indicating lack of priority.

Growing your business is challenging: costs, time, and opportunities are on the line. Knowing prioritization methods in depth is essential for anyone ahead of growth strategies. Use our Free Template to apply your ICE Score.

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