How to personalize newsletter subscription forms

PlaybooksBy Mariana Bonanomi and Yasmin Gonçalves

Newsletters have become important instruments for publishers looking to engage and retain readers. However, acquiring new readers for your newsletter can be challenging with so much competition. And that is where personalization comes into play.

Personalizing newsletter subscription forms according to users’ recent reads and browsing behaviors can show them that you know their preferences.

Let’s say you have a sports e-commerce. If a user reads a blog post about soccer equipment, you shouldn’t show them a generic newsletter subscription form about updates on the sports world. A personalized copy highlighting how you can keep them updated on the soccer universe can be more effective in encouraging them to subscribe to your newsletter.

In this playbook, you’ll learn how to dynamically change your newsletter form copy and image to target specific audiences.

Keep reading to learn the step-by-step, from segmentation to defining the content you’ll personalize.

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An email envelope surrounded by different users with different interests

How to create a personalized experience

First, access your Workspace, then click Experiences and New. Now, we'll show you how to:

  • Segment users based on their specific interests
  • Select the part of your site you want to personalize
  • And define which content you’ll display.


Screenshot of Croct's admin. A breadcrumb defines steps for creating an experience. A side drawer shows a form for defining audience name, ID, and criteria.
How to create an audience

To segment readers based on their interests, you can use the following criteria:

  • user's interest contains “interest A”
  • user's interest contains either [“interest A”, “interest B”]
  • user's interest contains all of [“interest A”, “interest B”, “interest C”]

Slot and content

Slots are any personalizable elements of your application.

A newsletter form slot wireframe with copy that reads "Subscribe to our newsletter"
Newsletter form slot example

Since the goal here is to increase newsletter subscriptions, we recommend you use the newsletter subscription form slot when implementing this strategy. This is where you can showcase your personalized offer that aligns with the readers' interests and encourages them to subscribe.

Screenshot of Croct's admin. A breadcrumb defines steps for creating an experience. A search filter tab allows you to select the slot you want to personalize.
How to select a slot

After selecting the newsletter subscription form section, click on Content to specify elements such as images, copies, and button colors you want your audience to view. Be creative!

Screenshot of Croct's admin. A breadcrumb defines steps for creating an experience. A side drawer shows a content form for images, copies, and colours of the personalized content
How to select personalized content

Extra options

After creating audiences and defining both the slot you want to personalize and the content you want those users to view, everything is almost up and running!

You can also prioritize this experience over others, choose a different time zone, and schedule its start to whenever you prefer.

Screenshot of Croct's admin with buttons with options of scheduling, prioritizing, and choosing a time zone for a personalized experience.
You can schedule, prioritize, and choose a time zone for experiences

Next, publish your experience or go to the preview to see the magic happen!

Wrapping up

With so much noise online, creating consistent communication is key to striving and acquiring new readers.

We hope this guide has helped you revolutionize your readers' experience.

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