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Big news for Next.js users! Discover our latest SDK tailored for you. It simplifies integration, supports server-side & client-side rendering, and more. Read this post to uncover its best features.

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Being a member of this community means more than access to an investor network: it's about being mentored by the world's top tech experts and exchanging experiences with other remarkable startups.

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+A Educação optimized lead generation and revolutionized its content strategy by merging 20 blogs into one. Discover how website personalization made it possible.

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We are pleased to announce that we are now a proud Google Partner. This is a prestigious designation reserved for companies that excel at helping businesses optimize their online experience. Read more to know what it means for you!

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Our customers have optimized conversion rates through personalization. Learn how they used client vs. non-client and location segmentations to build trust and foster consumer loyalty.

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In this discussion, our founder Juliana Amorim illuminated the funds that can be wasted without testing, the importance of embedding personalization into the natural user experience, and much more.

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Creating unique browsing experiences with Croct just got easier. Check out this product update that allows you to edit personalized content in a few clicks without touching code.

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Adapting to local characteristics is key to bringing users closer to your brand. Learn how this govtech got increased market share by fostering credibility and trustworthiness through personalization.

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Personalizing banners and landing pages can be a challenge for any company. Find out how Sem Parar bridged that gap and gained autonomy with Croct.

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As the beauty industry heats up, recognizing that each customer deserves relevant communications is key to leveraging competitive advantages. Find out how CARE increased e-commerce performance with personalization.

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