Dive into the world of one-to-one personalization

Customers vs visitors

Recognizing that each customer deserves relevant communication based on their buying journey stage is key to leveraging competitive advantages. Learn how to segment your customers and visitors.

Website mockup

Digital marketers often face the challenge of understanding users' interests since their first session. Read on to learn how to impact visitors with web personalization even before they sign up.

Free shipping playbook.png

Effectively communicating free shipping offers can be quite challenging. In this playbook, we will explain how you can easily segment your audience and create free shipping rules using Croct.

Lead scoring with anonymous users (1) (1).png

Implementing lead scoring empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, improve conversion rates, and boost overall revenue. But how can you succeed when facing an anonymous profile?

Croct vs. VWO.png

Croct and VWO are two robust AB testing with personalization platforms. But which one best suits your need? Read our comparative and find out what makes these platforms unique.

Surviving the death of third-party cookies.png

The end of third-party cookies concerns marketers who rely on them to personalize ads and websites. This post will help you navigate these changes and handle data more safely.

How to implement localized content in a website using IP location APIs (1).png

IP location APIs help you retrieve localized information based on users' IP. In this post, you will learn how to use it and also explore a simpler alternative for personalization and geomarketing.

Sem Parar’s case - Design system.png

Customizing banners and landing pages can be a challenge for any company. Find out how Sem Parar bridged that gap and gained autonomy with Croct.

Why personalization is key to getting the most out of your organic search strategy.png

It takes high investments to get people on your website, whether it's through paid ads or organic search. Read on to find out how to improve your SEO efforts and leverage your website personalization.

How to use personalization in ABM campaigns.png

Converting high-value accounts can be tough when your website shows everyone the same content. Read this blog post to learn how to use personalization to make the most of ABM campaigns.

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