How Creditas increased credit simulations with personalization and AB tests

NewsBy Mariana Bonanomi and Jade Muriel

When we talk about the credit market, we mean the whole environment in which lenders such as banks and fintechs and borrowers operate. Lenders offer loans, financing, and other services for business and individual borrowers to achieve their financial objectives, ranging from paying debts to purchasing high-priced goods.

One of the factors lenders need to consider to calculate the amount to lend and the interest rates is the borrowers' payment capacity. In 2021, that forecast was strongly affected by the launch of Open Banking, an initiative of the Central Bank of Brazil to increase the competitiveness of the National Financial System.

According to market estimates, around 1,300 fintechs currently operate in Brazil — some with innovative approaches. One of them is Creditas, which is among the top 6 Brazilian startups in CB Insights' list of the 250 most promising fintechs of the world.

Creditas offers the lowest interest rates on the market for collateral loans, which allow borrowers to use their car, real estate, or salary as a loan guarantee and to pay in up to 240 monthly installments. In addition, it offers complete credit solutions within these three ecosystems to support Brazilians at all stages of their lives. The company is also considered Brazil’s best online loans company and won the 2020 and 2021 Reclame Aqui awards — Brazil's most prestigious customer service award.


Even the leading companies in the credit market are still challenged by the need to escalate. That's because users browse many websites searching for the best rates and services before choosing a service supplier.

Therefore, besides good business conditions, you must optimize the user experience throughout their journey to help them find information and compare rates, which significantly impacts decision-making.

Creditas offers financing solutions for car and real estate financing and three types of personal credit lines — each with a dedicated webpage for running loan simulations:

  • Loans with a car as collateral
  • Loans with real estate as collateral
  • Payroll-deduction loans (exclusive for employees at partner companies).
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A image showing Creditas success case


After analyzing the user journey, Creditas' team conducted two experiments on the Loans with real estate as a collateral page to validate different hypotheses. In the first test, the team used Croct to personalize the page based on the user's location, while, in the second test, the segmentation was based on remarketing campaigns.

Croct allows companies to personalize website content according to each user's context. There are several criteria for defining an audience, such as, for example, user is returning, location where the user lives, and actions the user performs while browsing.

They selected the simulation page’s first fold for personalization, making the title, description, and loan amount elements dynamic. For both tests, the desired conversion was the click on the "Simulate Now" CTA.

Personalized attributes on page hero
Personalized CTA

First hypothesis validation (location)

For the first test, Creditas defined three different titles to display depending on the user's location and their total number of website visits. The card value would also change if the user had run a simulation before. The team created three content versions for every Brazilian state:

First personalized content
First visit content
Second personalized content
Second visit content
Third personalized content
Third visit content

Second hypothesis validation (remarketing)

After the first tests, Creditas' growth team decided to create personalizations for a new audience: users who had been reached by remarketing campaigns, whether or not they had run a simulation before.

For that, they created new titles and descriptions: one for users who had already run a loan simulation and another for users who hadn't.

Personalized content
Default (A) and personalized (webpage content for remarketing campaigns (B and C)

What we can learn from this case

Offering the best products, customer service, and purchasing conditions to your customer is essential for building loyalty. Nevertheless, you must consider optimizing the user journey from the beginning of the discovery process. To achieve that, your growth, marketing, and sales teams must work together to map the complete user journey, optimizing each stage of the funnel.

Taking each user's interaction with your product into account to address potential friction is essential to complete the first funnel stage with the highest possible success rate.

Personalization allows your website to respond differently to each user profile and deliver a more fluid and straightforward journey to ensure better results.

We hope this success case has inspired you to create tailored browsing experiences. Would you like to achieve outstanding results just like Creditas' team did? Create your free account and explore Croct.

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