Brazil Journal Newsletter: how Croct increased its subscribed users by 93%

NewsBy Juliana Amorim

The Brazil Journal newsletter is excellent. It has one of the best coverages in the country on the financial market and business world.

When we talk about marketing channels, it is a common opinion that emails are perfect for nurturing those who want to be well-informed about economic updates.

So, Brazil Journal has used Croct to help its readers notice the newsletter form and increase subscription rates.

The fact is that sometimes quality is not enough for motivating users to subscribe to platforms, whether they are journalistic or not.

We may have liked the subject matter or the services rendered, but we feel uneasy sharing our email to receive recurring messages. We know our inboxes are full of spam. And what if this is just another trap for filling up your email inbox with nonsense?

And that is where Croct technology comes into play. We can help you show your visitors what perks they will get from subscribing – and put at ease the restless heart of the reader.

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How did Brazil Journal use Croct?

If you don’t know the expression, performing segmented AB tests simply means segmenting your public based on what you know about them before running experiments. This allows you to understand what the most appropriate bulletins are to each of them.

With Croct, it’s possible to air this type of strategy, so your public sees variants A, B, C, D, E… you decide how many.

Brazil Journal did this to analyze different subscriptions models for the Newsletter and show visitors how the subscription made good sense to each one of them.

As a result, Brazil Journal understood which message was more effective for attracting more subscriptions.

The media vehicle aired 7 subscription forms using our technology. Six were utterly new, and the other was already standard until then. By testing different layouts, they aimed to attract new subscribers to the newsletter, by having them aware about the advantages of receiving the emails with the journals.

What were the newsletter form variants like?

All the layouts began with the sentence “People who make the Brazilian GNP. Get the Brazil Journal in your email inbox.” following by three reasons for subscribing to the newsletter:

  • Be the first to receive our contents
  • Stay up-to-date with the news and market analysis
  • The most widely read newsletter by CEOs, CFOs, and investment managers.

However, the reasons are listed in a different order in each variant. Thus, it was possible to understand what to place at the top or at the end of the list to convince the reader to subscribe.

Image showing 6 different variations for Brazil Journal's subscription form.
All 6 personalized variants for the AB test

What were the results for the Brazil Journal newsletter?

The winning variant achieved 106% improved success than the previously existing content. And even the others achieved successful results. The second-place variant achieved an impressive 99% success and the bronze medal leveraged 97% success.

Image showing 2 different variation models for Brazil Journal's subscription form.
Default (A) and winning personalized (B) versions

How can this type of initiative help my company?

Using AB segmented tests is a simple and effective strategy; it can also leverage newsletter signatures.

Plus, it improves your understanding of what each one of your visitors wants (or doesn’t want) and provides you with the data about when they access your page. What works best? Which models need to be reconsidered? It gives you accurate insights, and doesn’t require any great implementation efforts.

The applications are almost infinite. We have already spoken here about when Claro used a similar technique to improve their understanding of the interests of their users.

Do you want to know how you can best use this or other real-time personalizations to solve specific pains for your brand? Create your free account and explore our platform.

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