How Sem Parar cuts remarketing costs using personalization

NewsBy Juliana Amorim

Have you ever worked with performance marketing? If so, you've probably already noticed a common behavior to large-scale investments in media: the greater the volume of users coming from a campaign, the greater the volume of organic traffic.

For the non-marketers, or those who have never worn the paid media hat, let me simplify the concept: ads usually generate traffic, not only to the linked page but also to the main addresses of your site. Even if you haven’t spent a single dollar to bring them. Sounds strange? Let me help you to understand how it goes:

  • Some of the users that are impacted by the ad don’t click the link, but hours, days or even weeks after seeing it, remember the brand and end up searching for it. Those accesses can come from a search engine, or directly on the company’s site
  • Others click the ad but leave the site for one reason or another. Some of them end up coming back to search for the displayed offer, to conclude the purchase or just to find out more information about your product or service.

Quite often, the user does not find the offer they are looking for, as it is only displayed on the campaign landing page. Usually, these pages are not available from any easily accessible menu. This way, they cannot return to the point in which they stopped.

Ok, ok. We know a lot of companies work with remarketing campaigns. Their purpose is to remind those users who browse but haven’t converted yet. So, if I can bring them back with remarketing campaigns by showing them the same offer, what is the problem?

The problem is that this strategy makes you pay twice for this user access.

Also, it affects the user experience with your brand when they are unable to return exactly when intended to.

What if we say that through personalization strategies you can save on your investment and tailor user experience by using this type of campaign? And even harvest organic accesses for converting those users?

The Sem Parar challenge

Sem Parar is a Brazilian Automatic Vehicle Identification system (AVI) found at the main toll booth sites in the country, shopping mall parking garages, airports, and even drive-thru restaurants.

We’ve been working with them on some personalized strategies for a long time to reduce investments on remarketing campaigns and increase conversion rates. The results are remarkable to everyone, even those who don’t work in the field of digital marketing.

Sem Parar uses Google Ads and Facebook Ads as its main channels for conquering new customers, just like many other companies with a strong digital presence.

Before we started to set some personalization rules in their website, users would click Sem Parar ads and were redirected to a landing page with the same offer as displayed in the campaign. However, on the home page, the main banner would always show the best-selling plan throughout Brazil – which, in most cases, did not match the previous offer.

Image showing 3 screens from a mobile phone: the add, the landing page, and the old home page.
An ad example (A), the landing page (B), and the non-personalized home page (C)

This made users postpone closing the service deal, as they had seen better terms.

Ensuring consistency in communication throughout the user's experience

Ensuring communication consistency contributes to reducing user’s uncertainty regarding the offer, increasing your chances of conversion.

The Sem Parar’s CRO team, bearing that in mind, used personalization to segment users who had already seen the ads. The goal was to display the same campaign offer on the homepage again.

Image showing 2 screens from a mobile phone: the personalized and the dafault home pages.
The personalized (A) and the default (B) home pages

The personalization results

The team noticed a 13% increase in the conversion rate by returning users after applying personalization and performing AB tests for measuring strategic performance.

That experience was essential for correcting a flow that was frustrating our users. Quite often, the user doesn’t convert at the exact moment when impacted by the media after seeing an exclusive offer for that audience, and returns later on to see another offer. Through personalization, the site displayed the same content and offers as previously; thus, conversion and customer experiences have improved.

Marcia Souza (Metrics Analyst)

According to Marcia, the team also observed savings of over 10 thousand dollars in remarketing campaigns in the Black Friday period. That, besides just increased conversion rate, by considering the average CPA for those types of initiatives. As the user could find the previously seen offer and perform a conversion action on the second visit, it was unnecessary to impact them with remarketing campaigns.

Finally, but nonetheless important, we also got excellent feedback from the Sem Parar CRO team regarding the time savings for the development team:

We could place all the landing pages on a single page using “layers”, by switching between each layer at the necessary time. Through that, we estimated the developers saved an average of 36 hours and could focus their time on more important tasks during Black Friday. We practically saved 1 working week per month by developer.

Marcia Souza (Metrics Analyst)

Why should you use personalization jointly with marketing campaigns?

The benefits from personalization go way beyond just increasing conversion rates or the number of sales. Linking media campaigns to personalized experiences increases ROI, cuts costs, and saves on development time.

How can Croct help you?

Croct is a platform for personalizing apps in real time.

Some companies achieve the maximum profit from their data by delivering personalized experiences to each user. Due to our personalization engine, they are capable of learning and reacting to the user’s behavior while browsing or switching between different sessions.

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