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Progressive Profiling

Croct's mascot surrounded by flowcharts representing parts of a tracking plan.

While automated tracking is enough for getting to know users and understanding funnels sometimes, that might not be your case. Read on and find out how to create your custom tracking plan.

Image with dark background containing both Croct's and Google Optimize's logos.

Google Optimize is a reliable AB testing platform, but it falls short when you need an advanced solution. In this post, we analyzed the two platforms, exploring features to help you choose better.

A user surrounded by emojis representing different devices and marketing touch points.

Identity resolution helps you recognize customers and create a coherent user journey among different channels and devices. Find out what's the most advanced way to do it these days.

A man surrounded by emojis that represent his user profile attributes.

Progressive profiling is a powerful concept that significantly improves user experience. Discover how it works and how you can use it to convert more visitors into engaged customers.

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