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Croct's crocodile mascot in front of ads wireframes behind a loudspeaker illustration.

Paid ads can take your campaigns even further. But only bringing traffic is not enough, they must generate conversions. Read on to learn how to boost your ads performance and overcome marketing channel saturation.

A notebook connecting to Netflix surrounded by an arrow indicating the increase in CRO and a push notification, one of the company's CRO triggers

From a movie rental office to a leading entertainment platform, Netflix has used CRO tactics to improve retention rate and user experience. In this post, we analyzed these growth strategies.

Spotify player between 4 listener icons and a graph next to the share button representing the CRO.

Since its creation, the Spotify team has been drawing growth strategies that brought them millions of users. Read on to check our analysis on 8 CRO triggers used by this giant of audio streamings.

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