How Aegro had a 28% increase in conversion rate by using personalization

NewsBy Mariana Bonanomi and Jade Muriel

Aegro is a Brazilian startup that provides a system for managing agribusinesses. Their software helps from planning harvests and ranges to analyzing after-sales performance indicators. It adds modernity and practicality to growers and ensures enhanced profitability for rural businesses.

There are currently 5,000 active users running the system on 4,700 farms and over 2 million registered hectares throughout Brazil.

The Aegro application serves different types of farms within a great cultural diversity. Like other SaaS, the company seeks to meet distinct demands, pains, and motives from each niche it serves.

For that reason, the marketing team invests a great deal in producing content: the Aegro blog is one of the largest Brazilian portals on agribusiness content. It publishes valuable tools and rich materials for the public.

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The challenges of a SaaS company

Investing in inbound marketing is one of the best strategies for guaranteeing the fit between the public and the product, especially in the case of SaaS companies. You can expect a shorter sales cycle and more conversions when leads are effectively segmented and nurtured with the right content, resulting in reduced CAC and increased ROI.

As companies grow, crafting good marketing and sales strategies becomes essential. The more complete the software is, the greater the challenge of communicating the unique value for each market niche the company serves.

Imagine the following scenario: you want to solve a specific problem and search Google for the best solution. Then, you find diverse companies offering an immensity of functionalities. The challenging decision-making process for what software to choose isn't just about comparing competitors but also understanding what plan or solution will best serve your needs in the selected tool.

How personalization aids this process

Aegro opted to adopt a personalization strategy based on interests to come out on top among competitors and supply the most fluid journey.

Croct enabled the usage of anonymous browsing data to personalize the content of their site. In other words, you can create rules for defining the personalized content for each audience without any limitation of how many areas on the site will be dynamic.

You can define based on a series of contexts, such as location, type of device used, marketing campaign terms, e-commerce data, and others.

Personalization based on interests can be used according to the site or blog categories, as occurred with Aegro, which created its audiences based on the content consumed by each lead.

The Aegro strategy

Aegro personalized four sections of its landing page based on the users interests:

  • Main banner (A)
  • Video about the product (B)
  • Detailed functionalities (C)
  • Display sucess cases (D).
Personalized sections of the landing page
Personalized sections of the landing page

For example, if a user is interested in planning the harvest; they will start viewing all these areas with texts, images, videos, and illustrations related to their subject of interest.

The team selected the main interests for this personalization to increase the consistency in communication and reduce interferences and distractions from functionalities that are less critical to the case.

With Croct, this is possible without creating multiple duplicate pages. The personalization was applied to a single URL to display the content dynamically to each user.

The original landing page (A) and personalized versions for each area of interest (B to F)
The original landing page (A) and personalized versions for each area of interest (B to F)

The results

Aegro achieved an average increase of +28% in their lead conversion rate from employing the personalization strategy. Additionally, the marketing team also noticed the impact of increased sales, possibly due to improved lead qualification.

We were able to meet the plurality needs of Brazilian agribusiness characteristics through the Croct personalization solution and improve our leads' experience to propel the demonstration orders of our software. At Aegro, delivering the most appropriate message to agricultural growers who face specific and different needs has always been challenging. With Croct, we could map our users' interests based on their behavior within our blog, thereby personalizing our offers and, consequently, improving our conversion rate. Croct support also facilitated the entire implementation process, and we quickly noticed our first results.

Israel Vasconcelos (Head of Growth & Performance Marketing)

What we can learn from this case

Having a well-formulated inbound marketing strategy and a sales team prepared to lead the sales process is no longer enough to succeed.

Nowadays, the lead's experience must be optimized from the beginning of the journey, considering the best way to introduce the right solution for each demand.

Personalizing a website's communication based on the user's interest can bring impressive results, giving all the efforts a greater potential, increasing the acquisition investments ROI, and reducing the CAC.

Personalization also guarantees consistent communication throughout the entire user purchase journey that contributes to:

  • Increasing engagement
  • Optimizing conversion rates
  • Reducing acquisition costs.

We hope this case has brought you many insights on how you can start achieving your best business results. Do you want to put what you've learned into practice? Create your free account and explore our platform.

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