Customer Experience & Real-time Personalization

If you work with digital marketing, I’m sure you’ve already heard about real-time personalization at least once in your life. Content personalization is a hot topic for online marketers today, but the truth is that, actually, many of them still think that this is something really far from their reality, mainly because of the complicated relationship between IT and marketing teams.

Early this year, Forrester’s research about Digital Customer Experience showed that almost two-thirds of organizations identified greater personalization as a key component of their customer experience strategy. In addition, 35% percent cited lack of investment in the technology and analytics as a main challenge they are facing when leveraging data to enhance customer engagement. This numbers only prove that even though they know it’s value, most of the companies don’t have enough knowledge and resources to develop this in house.

Using marketing automation tools, companies have become adept at triggering emails based on behavior, interests, and demographics segmentation to increase both revenue and conversion rate. But what happens when someone clicks through that targeted email only to end up on a static, generic website? The natural progression of personalized emails should lead users to a personalized website.

Another research, this time from HubSpot, found that CTAs targeted to the user had a 42% higher view-to- submission rate than calls-to-action that were the same for all visitors. It also shows that in house marketers who are personalizing their web experiences see on average a 19% uplift in sales . The good news is that these needs, which will be soon among CMOs’ top priorities, can now be addressed with online tools such as Croct, which main goal is helping marketers build their strategy and leading the way with personalized content, blogs and websites.

Real-time web personalization is about being able to react responsively to your customer’s needs and maximize your revenue and conversion rates by focusing on the customer experience. And the best part: without hitting IT roadblocks. Traditionally, e-commerce retailers have not been able to respond to the demands of their customers in the short term. Real-time personalization involves removing the developer from the rigmarole of building technologies and empowers them to take on more sophisticated site optimization tasks. Using personalization technologies and real-time data, companies can respond quickly to consumers’ demands with dynamic updates and targeted offers.

Keep checking our blog and you’ll soon get to know better our marketing hub. Built for digital marketers, Croct is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that uses a new generation of high-tech algorithms to segment, engage and deliver customized content to your target users, creating a real-time data supply chain that fuels web optimization and digital innovation to your business as a whole.

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